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Born in Montreal, Quebec, and moved to Calgary, Alberta at age five. Susan was raised in a Slovak household where innovation and functionality were always encouraged.

Macko Interior Design is a full service design firm specializing in high end residential, and new construction continuously pushing the limits of design in order to achieve distinctiveness. With impeccable attention to detail, quality and service, Susan Macko’s projects are conceived and tailored to fit each client’s personality and needs, creating stunning environments which represent personality and lifestyle while ensuring a balance between form and function.

Known for her magnetic, tenacious and fearless persona, Susan’s is intricately involved in the conceptual design and development of each project. Leading her team with her inventive nature and unwavering commitment to exploration, she ensures each project receives an entirely tailored approach.

Susan’s extensive client list and vast project experience has earned her respect in both the residential and commercial industry.

Residentially, Susan’s growing portfolio includes custom built homes, and large scale renovations.  Built on client referrals, the company focuses on building enduring relationships with clients. Her exploratory and affinity for the unusual is underpinned by classic and effortless sophistication, creating timeless homes that reflect the character of each individual client.

Fluent in a wide range of styles from historic to contemporary, Susan’s interiors reflect her love of art and artisans, materials and textures. She ultimately relies on the classic tenets of luxury and quality combined with exceptional taste that can only come from experience and a finely honed instinct.

If you take the time to explore the projects displayed at http://www.mackointeriordesign.com/index , you will immediately notice Susan’s penchant for combining binary colors, especially black and white with exquisite wood finishings from around the globe. Her deft handling of negative space creates a kind of poetry between forms of furniture, artwork, and textures. While recurring elements and motifs show up in her work, her projects remain uniquely authentic to their location and its owners.

Both a graduate of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (1996) and Montreal InterDEC School of Interior Design (1999). Susan Macko has been practicing design for the past 2 decades, with extensive experience in both large and small scale design. Her portfolio includes diverse branches of the discipline; commercial, hospitality, corporate and residential.

Her innate sense for detail and strong work ethic, has helped her develop long standing relationships and ultimately friendships with her clients.

Over the years Susan has collaborated with numerous firms. Her work was featured in a variety of publications, including Architectural Digest, House and Home, Western Living and Prestige Design.

The culmination of her years of experience have resulted in the inevitable creation of the high end design firm MACKO Interior Design.

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